About the Journal

Journal of Innovative Economics & Management (JIEcM ) is an international peer reviewed, scientific, open access journal founded by University of Technology of Azerbaijan. The journal focuses on the results of research projects in various fields of innovation, economy and management and accepts articles from authors all around the world. The aim of this journal is to further expand our achievements, highlight the increasing role of scientific research in the socio-economic development of the country. It features contributions to the analysis of the realization of innovation, strategies of appropriation, and those relating to the diffusion of knowledge at an international level.

JIEcM is keen in promoting a multidisciplinary approach and methodology which illustrate technological opportunities, organizational strategies and integrated management of research and development projects, marketing and finance. Technological change, entrepreneurship, firms strategies, public policies and more in general the evolution of the economies and societies are the issues to be explored within JIEcM.