Journal of Innovative Economics & Management is scientific, peer reviewed and open access journal founded by University of Technology of Azerbaijan. Journal aims to publish the international scientific paper on innovation, economics and management. The journal is published quarterly in a year.


Articles are published in Azerbaijani, Russian and English. The article submitted to the journal should not have been submitted and published in other journal. Articles with Copyright Transfer Agreement form, signed by all authors, should be mailed to innovati[email protected] via e-mail by corresponding author.

The JAEcNR editorial process. Articles submitted to JIEcM are firstly reviewed by the Editorial Board in terms of journal’s publishing guidelines. Those which are found unsuitable are returned to their authors to be corrected. Academic objectivity and scientific quality are considered of paramount importance.

Please follow below rules when submitting an article to JIEcM:

Articles can be written in the Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages.

    1. Articles submitted to the journal should be prepared in Times New Roman font type, 12 size and single line on A4 format (29.7x21cm) paper and should not be longer than 10 pages.
    2. The list of the scientific literature monographs and other reliable sources from the last 5-10 years should be preferred in the article.
    3. Name(s) and address(es) of the author(s): Name of the author, his/her workplace, e-mail address and the address of institution should also be specified.
    4. Title of the article: Title should be suitable for the content and one that expresses it best, and should be in bold. The title should consist of 11-13 words at the most.
    5. Keywords: UDC or PACS-type codes and keywords indexes should be indicated in each article. This section should contain at least 5 keywords in alphabetical order and be in three languages. (Azerbaijani, English and Russian)
    6. Abstract: At the beginning, the article must include an abstract in English, Russian and Azerbaijani briefly and laconically expressing the subject in 100 - 200 words.
    7. Main Text: Should be saved in MS Word program in Times New Roman font type, 12 size and single line on A4 format (29.7x21cm) paper.

Reference: Should be at the end of the text in alphabetical order. In the text, references must be cited by the author`s surname and the year of publication (Clark, 1999), references provided by two authors, must have “and” between the surnames of authors (Davis and Evans, 2010). For citation or references with 3 or more authors, only the first author’s surname must be indicated followed with “et al.” (Couto et al. 2005).